Re: Compiling G94 on SGI R8000/IRIX 6.1

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 Subject: CCL:G:Compiling G94 on SGI R8000/IRIX 6.1
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 Date:    6/3/96 12:30 PM
 What G94 rev-level is required for error free compiles and builds for G94
 on an SGI-R8000 using IRIX 6.1 ?
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 I have successfully compiled all revisions since June 95 (at least later than
 G94 Rev. B.1)on my Power Challenge under Irix 6.1 using SGI Power Fortran 6.1.
 NOTE:  The 'sgi.make' file for the latest release, Rev D.3, requires Irix 6.2,
 [Power] Fortran 6.2 which is currentl;y being rolled out (I'm scheduled to get
 my upgrade later this month).  But it can be compiled successfully under
 Irix/Fortran  6.1 by removing the compiler flag 'r8000' from the 'sgi.make' file
 which appears on only 1 line.
 WARNING:  In the off chance you allocate a lot of scratch space, modify
 'Default.Route' so 'MAXDISK=15GB' or less.  If you don't you may inadvertently
 get integer overflow in a counter which can cause an infinite loop in fully
 direct MP2 calculations such as 'test065'.
 Good luck!
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