Re: CCL:(no subject)

 On Sep 23, 11:32am, Zhou Feng wrote:
 > Subject: CCL:(no subject)
 > Hi:
 >  I am looking for a reasonably accurate implicit solvation energy program
 > can do some simple energy minimization or low temperature MD to predict the
 > energies of a biomoleular system, there are moderate conformational changes
 > which has to be predicted along with the energies. IS there anyone who can
 > me some suggestions?  We have CHARMM & Delphi, but we need to do some
 > with the implicit solvent model.
 > Feng Zhou
 > Argonne National Lab.
 An excellent program FANTOM written by Werner Braun and co-workers can do
 that. Please, refer to the following web page for information:
 FANTOM is free of charge for academic users.
 Robert Fraczkiewicz,
 University of Texas Medical Branch