Summary: Becke 1988 exchange potential

 Here is a summary of the answers I have received to my query about
 the Becke 1988 nonlocal exchange potential.  Thanks to everyone who
 I posted the following query on September 12, 1996.
 > I am seeking the formulas for the Becke 1988 nonlocal exchange
 > potential for the nonlocal exchange energy functional proposed in
 > the paper
 > Becke, A. D., "Density-Functional Exchange-Energy Approximation
 > with Correct Asymptotic Behavior," Phys. Rev. A, 38(6), 3098-3100
 > (1988).
 To summarize the answer, this potential has been published in
 Fan, Liangyou and Ziegler, Tom, "The Influence of Self-Consistency
 on Nonlocal Density Functional Calculations," J. Chem. Phys., 94(9),
 6057--6063 (1991).
 An asymptotic form of the potential is given in
 Engel, E., Chevary, J. A., Macdonald, L. D., and Vosko, S. H.,
 "Asymptotic Properties of the Exchange Energy Density and the
 Exchange Potential of Finite Systems: Relevance for Generalized
 Gradient Approximations," Z. Phys. D, 23, 7-14 (1992).
 A form for spherically symmetric systems is given in
 Gritsenko, O. V., Cordero, N. A., Rubio, A., Balbas, L. C., and
 Alonso, J. A., "Weighted-Density Exchange and Local-Density Coulomb
 Correlation Energy Functionals for Finite Systems: Application to
 Atoms," Phys. Rev. A, 48(6), 4197-4212 (1993).
 A summary of the responses I received follows.
 From Liang Lou at liang()at()
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 One paper in a series published by Ziegler's group at Calgary
 L. Fan and T. Ziegler, JCP 6057 (1991)
 contains specifically the expansion you are seeking for.
 Liang Lou
 From Richard Hall at R.Hall()at()
              13-SEP-1996 03:56:18.07
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 Subj:   becke functional
 I'm not  *exactly*  sure if this is the  functional  you  require, but a
 paper by  Johnson  Gill and  Pople  gives the  formula  for a number  of
 functionals and their first derivatives.  The reference is
 B.G.Johnson, P.M.W.Gill and J.A.Pople, J.Chem.Phys. 98 p.5612 (1993)
 hope this helps.
    Richard Hall
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                 Try E Engel, JA Chevary, LD MacDonald and SH Vosko, Z Phys D
 23 (1992) 7  and OV Gritsenko, NA Cordero, A Rubio, LC Balbas and JA Alonso,
 PRA 48 (1993) 4197.
 Perry Mar
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