Re: CCL:curve fit?

 On Fri, 18 Oct 1996 lawson;at; wrote:
 > 	Hello,
 >  		I am looking for a program (fortran or C) that will fit
 > 	a function (Morse like or n-order polynomial) to data (potential
 >         curve).  Does anyone know of any free programs available.  I
 >         checked the net and could not readily locate anything.  I will
 > 	summarize results.
 > 	Thanks
 > 	Dan Lawson
 > 	lawson;at;
 > 	Graduate Student
 > 	Michigan State University
 The best routines I've found at lmdif and nl2sol, both from netlib
 ( They are very robust nonlinear curve fitting routines. I
 have looked through quite a lot that is available on the net, and I have
 been very impressed with performance of both these routines. You will have
 to write the driving program, since they are Fortran subroutines. I believe
 lmdif is part of the 'matfit' package in netlib and nl2sol is part of the
 TOMS collection of software.
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