What *YOU* can do to help with the future of the CCL

 Greetings --
 Jan Labanowski recently posted a message regarding the future of the
 CCL.  He specifically asked that we NOT take up "CCL-bandwidth" by
 discussing the various issues "on-line" and I certainly do not intend
 to ignore his request!!  However, Jan made a second request in his
 message which I fear some CCL-readers might not have seen.  "Buried"
 under 222 lines of very good (but lengthy) justifications was the text:
 >So now is the reality check... Please contribute as individuals now...
 >I will of course remind you about the CCL Drive several times. Send the
 >checks with the amount you consider reasonable to me:
 >   Jan Labanowski
 >   Ohio Supercomputer Center
 >   1224 Kinnear Rd
 >   Columbus, OH 43212-1163
 >and make the checks payable to:
 >   OSC Development Fund (CCL)
 >(Not to me personally, since I will not be able to cash them!!!)
 >You will receive a THANK YOU letter, which you need to keep for your
 >records, since the contribution IS TAX DEDUCTIBLE and you should deduct
 >it on your income tax return (Yes, I checked this!!!).
 Jan also pointed out that the CCL's annual costs (approximately $200,000)
 could be met if EVERY subscriber contributed $100.  Of course, it is not
 possible for all subscribers to contribute but it provides an indication
 of the dollar amounts he he hoping to receive from those of us who can
 make such contributions.  I'm sure that contributions in *any* amount
 will be appreciated.
   -- Bob Pearlman