Free, downloadable version of O-Matrix

 Harmonic Software Inc. has released  O-Matrix 3.1 for Windows,
 a RAD environment (Rapid Application Development), for
 scientific and engineering applications.  The new version of
 O-Matrix includes extensive capabilities for developing visually-oriented,
 easy-to-use technical applications.  This enables the development of
 user-friendly applications significantly faster than traditional
 visually-oriented compilers and with performance that is dramatically
 faster than typical interpreted matrix languages.  In addition O-Matrix
 version 3.1 includes an improved user interface for more productive
 application development and simplified interactive usage.  Many functions
 have been added including routines for Kalman filtering, wavelet analysis
 and advanced statistics.
 Download a free copy of O-Matrix at
 O-Matrix for Windows is compatible with Windows 3.1, Windows 95
 and Windows NT.  Individual copies are priced at $395.00.  Currently
 registered students and faculty may purchase the complete package
 for $49.95.
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