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Dear Netter
 Enclosed I collect the responses to my question about quantom chemical
 molecular dynamics. Thanx all for their answers.
 The question:
 I want to know if there is any program applying semiempirical and/or ab initio
 quantom chemical calculation in molecular dynamics simulation. Any related
 information and comments is highly appreciated.
 Recent academic versions of CHARMM have both AM1 (semi-empirical) and
 GAMESS (ab-initio) interfaces and code; distribution is arranged through
 Prof. Martin Karplus's group at Harvard for a modest fee to non-profit
 research organizations.
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 Charmm will do just that.  Charmm 24b2 should do the ab-initio stuff - but
 I found a bunch of routines missing when I tried to compile.  The am1
 method is quite stable now.
 There are numberous others - but that one is availible commercially (for
 the am1 at least) and straight forward.
 Good luck
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 You might have a look at:
 Bash P. A., Ho L. L., MacKerell A., Levine D., Halstrom P.,
 ?Progress Toward Chemical Accuracy in Computer  Simulations of Condensed Phase
 Chemical Reactions?,
 Proc. Nat. Acad. Sci., 93, 3698, 1996
 Ho L. L., MacKerell, A., Bash P. A.
 ?Proton and Hydride Transfers in Solution: Hybrid QM/MM Free Energy
 Perturbation Study?,
 J. Phys. Chem., 100, 4466, 1996
 Paul Bash
 Paul A. Bash
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 There are probably more, but the two I am aware of off hand are
 Carr-Parinello, which does dynamics with the local density functional
 approximate ab initio code, and some work by Dave Dixon, while at Dupont,
 which he as reported at ACS meetings.  It's been some time, but the Cornell
 Theory Center had the Carr-Parinello code, and Dave Dixon is now at Pacific
 Northwest Laboratories I believe.
 I would be interested in hearing a summary, if there isn't already one in
 the CCL archives.  Thanks.
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 HyperChem 4 (semiempirical level), 4.5-5 both ab initio and semiempirical -
 but of cours it's comercial. If it's still interesting I can ad some comments.
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 Try HyperChem (available for both IBM-compatible PC and for SGI).
 The URL is
 Dan Berger
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 Hi Emad,
 I am not entirely sure what you mean with your request...
 However, I know that "combined QM/MM" (a method where the most
 part of the molecule is being treated by QM, e.g. DFT, the rest by
 MM) is very actively under study these days. No references, though.
 On the other hand, there is the "ab initio molecular dynamics",
 as has been developed by Car and Parinello. References that I would
 have on hand would be
   P.E. Blochl, Phys.Rev.B.50 (1994), 17953 and other papers
 by Blochl (the name contains an "Umlaut o").
 D.K.Remler, P.A.Madden, Mol. Phys. 70 (1990), 921 (review paper).
 Look, of course, also for papers by M.Parinello and / or R.Car.
 Hope this helps a bit....
 Please summarize!
 Yours, Georg
 This is a P.S. to my message that I sent before:
 one should call the Car-Parinello approach "first principle molecular
 dynamics" since it is a DFT based method rather then an "ab
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 HyperChem can do this; I can send you more information, or put you in
 contact with a local dealer, if you wish.
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 Contact or search for papers by Paul Bash at Argonne National Laboratory,
 Argonne, IL, USA.  He has been doing work in that area for years.
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 Dear Emad,
 I read your note on Computational Chemistry List (CCL).
 I am presently applying ab initio molecular dynamics on biological
 systems. The method, who allow you to solve the time-dependent Sro
 equation in  simulations a smart way, was devised 11 years ago by Car
 and Parrinello,
 If you're interested, I can send you some reprints.
 Sincerely yours
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 Thanx again.
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