Summary: algorithm for eigenvalues

 Dear CCL-ers,
 Last week I posted a question about eigenvalaues of a large
 banded hermitian matrices. I got several responses which I
 summarized here below.
 The best way to do this is to use the Householder reduction and
 after that an QR method. With all the answers I recieved,I will
 try to modify the algorithm so it would fit strictly to my problem.
 For theoretical explenation:
 Wilkinson, "The Algebraic Eigenvalue Problem", Clarendon Press, Oxford
     (there should be a newer edition, but I didn't find it in our library)
 Press et. al., Numerical recipes in C, Cambridge University Press",
     (it's now also on the web:
 Burden and Faires, "Numerical Analysis", PWS Publishing Company,
  (5th ed., 1993)
     (This is a , IMHO, good introductionary book in numerical analysis,
      It could be used in such a course for computational chemists.)
 Wilkinson and Reinsch, "Handbook for Automatic Computation, Vol. II Linear
   Algebra", Springer-Verlag, Berlin (1971)
 Many have already implemented the algorithms. They are stored in several
 Here are some:
 Thanks to all who responded,
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