Re: CCL:tar files

 On Mon, 18 Nov 1996, Grant Handford wrote:
 > Dear CCLer's:-
 >         I am a new student of Computational Chemistry and I am just getting
 > started at using a computer for e-mail, Internet, etc.  I need to know how
 > to convert compressed tar files into usable form.  If you could help me it
 > would be very much appreciated.  Thank You.
 hint: type man tar at unix prompt.
 If you're using GNU tar:
 tar xzvf foo.tar.gz (means: eXtract unZip Verbose F?)
 For vanilla tar:
 gzip -d foo.tar.gz (means: gnuzip -decompress )
 (or gunzip foo.tar.gz)
 tar xvf foo.tar
 hope this helps,
 P.S. to create an archive: tar cvf foo.tar YourDirectory
      then gzip -9 foo.tar to create a compressed version of it. Can
      also be done with pipes, and GNU tar can do it one go, if you
      use the z option.
 > Sincerely,
 > Grant.
 > E-mail:- granthan' at \`