Structural Biology and Virology Positions Available

 Positions in Virology and Structural Biology
 University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston
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 Postdoctoral and research technician positions are available to
 carry out structure-based design of antiviral agents directed
 against cell attachment and replication of alphaviruses,
 flaviviruses and arenaviruses.  This project, funded by the
 Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA; see Science,
 275, pp. 744-746), provides unique opportunities to participate
 in a highly focused interdisciplinary approach bringing together
 internationally recognized structural biologists from the Sealy
 Center for Structural Biology and virologists from the World
 Health Organization Collaborating Center for Tropical Diseases.
 Facilities include state-of-the-art Biosafety level 3
 laboratories, automated sequencing and molecular biology imaging
 Instrumentation available for structural studies includes Varian
 UNITYplus 750 (4 channel), 600 and wide-bore 400 MHz
 spectrometers, Cray J90 supercomputer, SGI Power Challenge and
 graphics workstations, MacScience imaging plate detectors and
 rotating anode X-ray generators, and a Pharmacia DNA
 synthesizer. We also have our own fully-equipped graphics and
 multimedia preparation system.
 Both postdoctoral (Ph.D. degree) and technician (BS or MS
 degree) candidates are encouraged to apply for positions in the
 following areas:
 Structural and Molecular Biology:
 1. Expression, purification and X-ray crystallography of viral
 2. Drug development using phage display techniques.
 3. Biomolecular NMR spectroscopy (protein and nucleic acid
    structures), backbone modified aptamer oligonucleotide
    synthesis, molecular biology, combinatorial chemistry,
    computational biology and computer-aided drug design.
 4. Production, purification and testing of recombinant NFkB
    proteins, and testing of decoy oligonucleotides using
    recombinant NFkB proteins in vitro and in cell culture
 Structural Biology Faculty:
 David G. Gorenstein  (david.,at,
 Robert O. Fox  (fox.,at,
 Bruce A. Luxon  (bruce.,at,
 Stanley J. Watowich  (watowich.,at,
 1. Assay development and testing of decoy oligonucleotides in
    animal systems.  Experience in tissue and virus culture,
    animal infections, cytokine bioassays and immunoasssays is
  2. Mapping of RNA packaging signals and other conserved
     sequence elements in alphavirus genomes; testing of decoy
     oligonucleotides in cell culture and animal models.
     Experience in molecular virology and animal infections is
 Virology Faculty:
 Judy F. Aronson  (jaronson.,at,
 Alan D. T. Barrett  (abarrett.,at,
 Norbert K. Herzog  (nherzog.,at,
 Robert E. Shope  (rshope.,at,
 Scott C. Weaver  (sweaver.,at,
 Please send CV, statement of research interests and career
 goals, and the names, addresses and telephone numbers of three
 references to:
 Dr. Robert E.  Shope, Department of Pathology,
 University of Texas Medical Branch,
 Galveston, Texas 77555-0609;
 FAX (409) 747-2429;
 Email: robert.shope.,at,
 Further information can also be obtained by contacting me or any
 of the faculty listed above.
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