In response to Dr. Ilonka Guenther's request for a logP value for FDOPA:
 Although I do not have an experimental value for FDOPA, a logP is
 easily calculated. L-DOPA has an experimentally measured logP
 of -2.39 (Sangster Database of Evaluated LogKow Values, 1994).
 Using Syracuse Research Corp's KOWWIN Program, the logP of
 the fluoro derivative of L-DOPA is calculated to be -2.19 using the
 program's Experimental Value Adjusted method (which uses the
 experimental L-Dopa value and then adjusts for the fluoro-substitution).
 Estimating the logP from structure alone, the KOWWIN Program gives
 a value of -2.04.  The ClogP for Windows Program (BioByte Corp) gives
 a value of -2.29.  The ACD/LogP Program (ACD/Labs) estimates 0.46
 and the PrologP51 Program (CompuDrug Corp) estimates 0.12. The
 ACD/LogP and PrologP programs do not consider the zwitterionic
 nature of the compound.
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 >Dear  Colleagues,
 >I am looking for the logP value of FDOPA.
 >Does anyone has calculated it once or know where to find this value either
 >calculated or measured?
 >Thanks for any help.
 >Kind regards,
 >	Ilonka Guenther