G94 basis set problem

 Dear CCL,
 I got the following problem when using Gaussian 94 (rev. D.4). Doing some
 calculations with an in house defined basis set (for Hg) I got the
 following message (after one and half hour of CPU on our R10000 based
 POWER Challenge):
  **** Fatal Problem: The largest alpha MO coeffient is  0.11335235D+04
  Error termination via Lnk1e in /packages/run/g94_D4/g94/l801.exe.
 The calculation was single point SCF MP2=Full. As the guess is that there
 is some problem with the check on linear dependency of the defined basis,
 I would like to ask you for any option/parametr how to reduce the internal
 cutoff values for this case.
 Any help will be really appreciated.
 Thank you very much in advance.
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   Dear Ludek,
   In the route line (#P), include IOP(8/11=1)
   This will give a warning about large eigenvalues but not crash
  the run.
     Best wishes,
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