SUMMARY: Numerically Solving Partial Differential Equations

 The following books dealing with numerical solutions to partial
 differential equations were recommended to me.
 Thanks to all who responded - you know who you are!
 The list of books:
 	o "Numerical Recipes in <Insert Your Favourite Language Here>".
 	  also online at
 	o Lapidus L. & Pinder G.F., "Numerical Solution of Partial
 	  Differential Equations in Science and Engineering", Wiley,
 	  New York, 1982
 	o Smith G.D., "Numerical Solution of Partial Differential
 	  Equations: Finite Difference Methods" (3rd edition),
 	  Clarendon, Oxford, 1985.
 "Numerical Recipes" cites (among many others):
 	o W. Hackbusch, "Multi-Grid Methods and Applications", Springer,
 	  New York, 1985
 	o L. Baker, "More C Tools for Scientists and Engineers",
 	  McGraw-Hill, New York, 1991
 	o W. L. Briggs, "A Multigrid Tutorial", S.I.A.M., Philadelphia,
 	o W. Hackbusch and U. Trottenberg (eds.), "Multigrid Methods
 	  III", Birkhauser, Boston, 1991
 Furthermore, poeple noted that:
 	o "Finite difference" means "finite element" with
 	o Chris Cortis (chris %-% at %-% wrote a program
 	  called PBSOLV that does essentially what Delphi does (i.e,
 	  solve the Poisson-Boltzmann equation) but uses finite element
 	  methods instead of finite difference methods. It gives forces
 	  as well as energies.
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