1997 May 14
 This is in response to a question about a program that will accept molecular
 geometry in XYZ format and give nice pictures (a drawing program).
    The Windows program Molwin will accept Cartesians, Gaussian freq jobs or PDB
 and give attractive ball-and-stick pictures. The molecule can be rotated with a
 mouse and the atom and bond sizes can be adjusted. The pictures can be sent to
 WordPerfect and edited with bond lengths and angles, then printed for
 publication-quality illustrations.  Unfortunately you can't _query_ Molwin for
    MolWin will accept Gaussian 92 freq output, show the molecule, and let
 you animate the vibrational frequencies. For G94, use the keyword requesting
 the long form of freq output.
   MolWin was written by Dr Pavel Ganelin of the Catholic University of America,
 48ganelin # - at - # cua.edu       It should be obtainable from
   If it isn't there, look in the CCL archives or post a query to CCL.
 E. Lewars