The world's last Object Oriented bug last Object oriented bug

 " the The world's last C bug "
 Iam  probably on a reject list. I am sending this again
 I think this C program  was pretty humorous :
  while (1)
    status = GetRadarInfo();
    if (status = 1)
 As soon as our Computer Science freinds decide which language
 and which computer is the best, we will buy that computer
 and learn and  use that language. The problem is that they keep changing
 their minds on us from :
 Pascal, C, C++, Java, Python, Cobra oops, Corba, ....
 FORTRAN plans to be Fortran, Fortran-2, Fortran-4,
 Fortran-66, Fortran-77,....
 While they change their minds several times  over the next century
 we can hold our breath and program in Fortran on our very old
  I waiting for that language until then FORTRAN with its weaknesses
 serves the purpose.
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