xvibs now works with ACES2 and GAMESS beside GAUSSIAN

 Dear CCLs,
 Another small utility...
 We all cherish Milan Hodoscek xvibs.c program which extracts modes
 from Gaussian files, produces the animation file for Xmol viewer,
 and you can see your molecule jiggling, and have fun...
 I now added support for ACES2 and GAMESS to xvibs.c (beside the Gaussian).
 So grab the new version from CCL archives:
 Examples for output files are provided.
 If XMol does not work for you, you can still see animation with the
 xbsa, after you processed your animation file with the utility script
 xyz2bs available in xbsa distribution at:
 (grap the xbsa.tar.Z and the README file).
 Tell me about my bugs, since it was a quick night hack.
 Jan Labanowski
 jkl -8 at 8- ccl.net
 Dr. Jan K. Labanowski, Senior Research/Supercomputer Scientist/Specialist, etc.
 Ohio Supercomputer Center, 1224 Kinnear Rd, Columbus, OH 43212-1163
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