Surface Area Summary

 Thanks to everyone who responded to my question concerning
 the solvent accessible surface area of proteins.  The responses
 are summarized below.
 Goto the EMBL website, they have the software for free.
 Groeten, David.
 Dr. Ir. David van der Spoel     Biomedical center, Dept. of Biochemistry
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 phone:  46 18 471 4205          fax: 46 18 511 755
 Here are some URLs I found helpful:
 If you get other responses, I'd be very grateful for
 a summary. Thanks.
 Get the source code archive near the bottom of the page.
 It's a C package and compiles under linux without problem.
 Some more routines for surface/volume info.
 The CCP4 package has SURFACE and VOLUME utilities you may
 look into them, but it'll be a bit of work getting the the
 whole CCP4 suite up on linux just for those two.
 This is a Fortran package. I had to contact the author
 to get it to compile under linux (UniFix 2.0 Kernal2.0.18)
 merckel' at \`
 Consider the package MOLSV by Graham Smith (Calculation of Molecular
 Volume and Surface Area), available from QCPE.  The QCPE reference number
 is QCMP053, and can run on a PC. Have a good day.
 Cherif Matta
 Chemistry Dept.
 McMaster University
 Hamitlon, Ontario, Canada.
 The VMD program allows you to calculate and also display the
 solvent accessible surface of any protein.
 It's freely distributed and it's written in C++.
 Or you can use the Grasp program from Barry Honig's lab (I don't
 know the URL for it) which, as far as I know, it's not free but is
 not expensive either.
 Good luck.
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    ICMlite is such a program. It will also let you display it,
 calculate area by residue or by atom, plot the values etc.
 ICMlite is free for academic institutions.
    Our site is
 Molsoft, LLC