Mixing enthalpies and Entropies

 Dear CCLers:
 I would appreciate input for the following thoughts.  I have molecules who's
 size prohibits geometry Opt and freq. calculations at the HF/6-31G level.  I've
 been getting geometries  with PM3 semi-empirical, then submitting the geometry
 to a single-point HF6-31G calculation for energy data (enthaphy only, can't do
 freq. calc. on the PM3 geometry).  For some of these reactions (addition
 reactions A+B-->C) entropy changes could be important so I'd like calculate
 deltG of the reaction not just deltaH.
 My question is, can I use energy data from the HF6-31G calculation for my
 enthaphy terms (deltaH), and mix them with my entropy data obtain from PM3
 semi-empirical  frequency calculations. Will the small contributions from
 entropy matter? And because there smaller than enthalpy, is there more room for
 error in the entropy terms?
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