The 1998 Charleston Conference

 There are a limited number of spaces remaining for the 1998 Charleston
 Conference. If you are interested in attending, please send E-mail to
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 The 1998 Charleston Conference
 Innovative Techniques for New Lead Discovery and Development
 March 9-11, 1998
 Wild Dunes Resort
 Isle of Palms, South Carolina
 Following the highly acclaimed 1997 Charleston Conference, Network
 Science Corporation is pleased to announce the distinguished speaker
 list for the 1998 conference. This unique annual meeting combines
 presentations by industry leaders and an informal atmosphere that affords
 the opportunity to interact with colleagues from all phases of research.
 Participants will explore the ways in which the industry is increasing the
 productivity of the discovery process. We hope you will join us at Wild
 Sunday, March 8
 8:00 PM: 	Conference Reception
 Monday, March 9
 8:00 - 12:00: 	De Novo and Combinatorial Library Design
 		Session Chair: Christine Humblet
 		Senior Director, Biomolecular Structure and Drug
 		Design, Parke-Davis Research, Warner Lambert
 		Charles J. Eyermann
 		Principal Scientist, ARIAD Pharmaceuticals
 		Presentation: Computational Tools for Maximizing the
 		Diversity and Druglike Character of Focused Libraries
 		Irwin ("Tack") D. Kuntz
 		University of California, San Francisco
 		Presentation: Combinatorial Chemistry Calculations
 		William Ripka
 		Senior Vice President, Chemical Research,
 		Corvas International, Inc.
 		Presentation: A Novel Approach to Ligand Design
 		Utilizing Distance Geometry and the 'Privileged
 		Structure' Concept
 		Michael L. Connolly
 		Computer Consultant
 		Presentation: Classifying Substrate-Binding Regions
 		on Proteins by Shape
 1:00 - 4:00:	High Throughput Screening in ADME/Toxicology
 		Session Chair: Kate Johnston
 		Head, Biomolecular Research,
 		Sphinx Pharmaceuticals, Eli Lilly
 		Oliver Flint
 		Principal Scientist, Bristol-Myers Squibb
 		Presentation: High Throughput Toxicity Testing of
 		Jerome Hochman
 		Research Fellow, Merck Research Laboratories
 		Presentation: Application of Cell Culture Models to the
 		Evaluation of Drug Absorption and Drug Metabolism
 		Ping Yang Yeh
 		Investigator, Drug Delivery, SmithKline Beecham
 		Presentation: Combinatorial Screening Approaches for
 		Selection of Development Candidates
 6:30 - 7:30:	Poster Session
 7:30 PM:	Dinner - Sponsored by Molecular Solutions, Inc.
 Tuesday, March 10
 8:00 - 12:00:	Natural Products as a Source for New Leads
 		Session Chair: John Devlin
 		President, MicroBotanica, Inc.
 		John Beutler
 		Special Expert, Laboratory of Drug Discovery
 		Research and Development, NCI
 		Presentation: Informatics, Early Dereplication, and
 		Natural Products
 		Donald Bierer
 		Group Leader, Medicinal Chemistry,
 		Shaman Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
 		Presentation: Integrating Modern Science and
 		Traditional Healing in the Drug Discovery Process
 		John P. Devlin
 		President, MicroBotanica, Inc
 		Presentation: Biochemical Prospecting in the Peruvian
 		Amazon: A Model of International Collaboration
 		Wilhelm Stahl
 		Hoechst Marion Roussel
 		Presentation: Aspects of Automation in Natural
 		Products Screening
 1:00 - 4:00:	Informatics
 		Session Chair: Jonathan Greene
 		Director, Technology Development, CombiChem, Inc.
 		Carleton R. Sage
 		Principal Scientist, Computational Sciences,
 		MetaXen LLC
 		Presentation: Beyond Potency and Selectivity:
 		Prediction and Optimization of ADME Parameters
 		Yvonne Martin
 		Senior Project Leader, CAMD Project,
 		Abbott Laboratories
 		Presentation: Better and Better Strategies for Diversity
 		Selection ... An Update on Abbott Work
 		Webb Andrews
 		Research Investigator,
 		Glaxo Wellcome Research Institute
 		Presentation: Use of Constrained Properties as a
 		Basis for the Construction of Combinatorial Libraries
 7:00 PM: 	Tapas Party - Sponsored by Network Science Corporation
 Wednesday, March 11
 8:30 - 11:30:	Gene-Based Drug Design
 		Session Chair: Susan Burgess
 		Vice President, Structural Bioinformatics, Inc.
 		Leigh Anderson
 		President and CSO, Large Scale Biology Corporation
 		Presentation: Pharmaceutical Proteomics:
 		Characterization of Disease Processes and Drug
 		Mechanisms Through Gene Expression Effects
 		Donald N. Halbert
 		Director, Genomics and Molecular Biology,
 		Abbott Laboratories
 		Presentation: Genomics-Based Target Discovery:
 		Expectations and Reality
 		Rick Fine
 		Chief Scientific Officer, Paradygm Technologies
 		Presentation: Protein Surface-Feature Databases: An
 		Approach to Understanding, Quantitating, and
 		Comparing Proteins Within and Across Families
 The Wild Dunes conference center, located near historic Charleston South
 Carolina, offers a variety of activities including 2 1/2 miles of private
 two world class golf courses, several tennis courts, and a heated pool. For
 additional information about Wild Dunes, please visit their Website
 ( Housing will be available
 beginning Saturday,
 March 7. To facilitate a lively exchange of ideas with colleagues in a casual
 setting, attendance at this meeting will be limited.
 Other Information
 Payments: The conference registration fee is $895 ($695, academic)
 which includes all breakfasts, lunches, refreshments, Sunday reception,
 Monday evening's dinner, and Tuesday's tapas party. Payments should
 be in the form of personal or company check made payable to Network
 Science Corporation (EIN: 57-1038302).
 About Network Science
 Network Science Corporation, a registered non-profit (501(c)3)
 organization, was founded in 1995 to assist in science education
 and career development within the pharmaceutical and biotechnology
 industries. Over the past two years, Network Science, in conjunction
 with a number of scientists from the chemical industry, has created
 a World-Wide Web site ( which contains
 resources dedicated to educational and professional development.
 By carefully monitoring trends within the pharmaceutical industry,
 Network Science is positioned to organize and present targeted
 meetings which address topics of current interest to professionals
 within the industry. In addition, the company researches and publishes
 industry-wide surveys on topics such as spending and staffing trends,
 resource allocation, and technology development.
 Call For Poster Session Abstracts
 Attendees who wish to present a paper in the Poster Session should
 submit an abstract for approval by the Conference Organizing
 Committee. The presenter for the poster must be listed as its first
 author in the abstract, and each attendee is limited to one presentation
 in the Poster Session. Abstracts should be limited to one page,
 twelve point font and must contain:
 	* The title of the presentation
 	* The names, affiliations, and full contact information for
 	   each of the authors
 	* The abstract. If structures are part of the abstract, please
 	   submit them separately as a ChemDraw or ISIS Draw
 	   formatted file.
 Please note: Only 10 posters will be accepted for presentation at this
 conference.  If you would like to receive additional details about the
 meeting, please contact us at the address below.
 The 1998 Charleston Conference
 Registration Form
 Meeting and Housing
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 Conference. In order to guarantee your reservation, send your payment
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 Registration fee:   Commercial ($895)      Academic ($695)
 Please note: All accommodations require a three night minimum
 stay. A deposit equal to one night's stay ($89/$109) is due with
 registration to secure your room reservation. All reservations should
 be made as early as possible in order to guarantee specific
 accommodations and group rates. Your advance deposit will be
 applied to your account or will be returned with 14 days notice
 should cancellation be necessary. Should you cancel less than
 30 days before arrival, or fail to cancel a reservation, your one
 night's deposit will be forfeited.  Please note that Wild Dunes is
 comprised of privately owned villas; therefore, bedding arrangements
 are not standardized as in hotels. Boardwalk suites are comprised
 of three or four bedrooms. If you wish to share a suite with colleagues,
 please include their names and affiliations.