West Coast Theoretical Chemistry Conference

 Hello All,
  The 1998 West Coast Theoretical Chemistry Conference (WCTCC'98)
 meeting will be at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory on June 21-23
 (standard 2.5 day format, 1/2 day Sunday).
 Registration information and details are available at the following URL
 Note: Don't forget the ":2080" or you will run into our firewall!
 Please register and submit your abstract on the Web at your earliest
 convenience.  Also, please redistribute this information to all who
 might be interested in our meeting!! Thanks for your interest and we
 hope to see you in June.
 Ricky Kendall     <ricky.kendall ( ( at ) ) pnl.gov>
 Rene Corrales     <rene.corrales ( ( at ) ) pnl.gov>
 Thom H. Dunning, Jr.
 David A. Dixon
 Michel Dupuis
 Administrative Coordinator:
 Sheri Perkins    <sheri.perkins ( ( at ) ) pnl.gov>