1998 AIChe Meeting Papers Sought

 ANNOUNCEMENT -- 1998 AIChe Annual Meeting, November 15-19
 Molecular modeling and simulation have reached levels of sophistication
 and accuracy that make them increasingly essential and highly useful
 tools for chemists and chemical engineers.  At the same time, the
 methods, capabilities, and limitations are often not yet well-known.  As
 part of the 1998 AIChE Annual Meeting (November 15-19), a topical
 conference, "Applying Molecular Modeling and Computational Chemistry"
 will be held (see http://www.ecs.umass.edu/topical/).
 The purpose of this letter is to give you notice of our session,
 "Molecular and Materials Modeling for Applications in the Oil and Gas
 Industry" (session code T4005).  The goals of the session conference are
 to educate potential users in industry and academia focusing on
 applications and new developments through contributed papers.  It is
 anticipated that those who need to understand possible uses and results
 and those who simply want to learn about the area will be in the audience.
 We are seeking papers on the following topics: Thermochemistry, Kinetics,
 Physical Properties, Catalysis Modeling (Natural Gas Conversion, Hydrotreating,
 Cracking, Downstream Product Production), Corrosion Inhibition, Isomerization,
 and Multicomponent Systems.  We strongly encourage you to submit a suitable
 paper for this session.
 Papers will be accepted based on Web-based submission of the AIChE
 Proposal-to-Present forms
 (http://www.aiche.org/docs/meetapp/programming/cfp.htm).  If
 you do not
 have access to Web-based forms, please contact either one of us using
 the information below.  The deadline is April 9, 1998 for the Submit
 Proposal-to-Present form by Web form, including the extended abstract.
 Note the new AIChe requirement that an extended abstract must consist of
 Introduction, Results, Discussion, and References.  There is no minimum
 length requirement, however.
 Please feel free to distribute this information to other researchers in
 the petrochemical industry, academia, and national labs.  Thank you for
 your consideration.
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