compiling gamess using gcc2.7.2.3.f.2--continued

 Many thanks to all who responded to my last message. I  referred to
 Valentin Ananikov's web page and altered the comp and lked files as he
 suggests. I found that I had to use 'gcc' or 'g77' where he suggests
 'f77'. I don't know why this is so because when I built gcc I used the
 'f77-install-ok' option.
 I then got a compile with only warnings concerning the soffac.f
 file. The resulting object files linked to give a gamess version. However
 when I tried to use it I got a segmentation fault. The ldd command
 indicates that both versions of gamess I have use the same libraries, but
 only the one compiled under gcc2.6.3  runs. Any suggestions would be
 Thanks, JWC