Free Workshop on High Accuracy Quantum Chemistry Applications

 Schrodinger, Inc. is holding a free workshop in the Boston Area
 on May 15th, 1998.
 In this workshop you will learn about the most advanced quantum
 chemistry tools:
         * structure optimizations
         * molecular properties
         * solvation simulations
         * levels of theory
 You will also learn to apply the quantum chemistry tools in
 computational experiments:
         * conformational analyses
         * pKa predictions
         * reaction kinetics and thermodynamics
 The course will be taught by Schrodinger scientists Dr. Jasna Klicic
 and Dr. Sharmila Pai.
 You will also get a chance to work with the high-performance Jaguar
 package in a hands-on lab session.
 Workshop to be held at Silicon Graphics, 1 Cabot Road, Hudson, MA
 Morning Lecture Session          9 am to 12 pm
 Lunch (provided)                12 pm to  1 pm
 Afternoon Lab Session            1 pm to  5 pm
 To register, or for more information, send email to
 workshop;at; or call Sharmila Pai at (508) 628-1975
 Schrodinger, Inc.   *   Sales 800-207-7482   *   Boston ACS booth #508
 info;at; * 121 SW Morrison, Suite 1212, Portland, OR 97204  *  Phone 503-299-1150  *  Fax