Software for review

 4 May, 1998
 Subject:  Computer Software for Review
 	As the Software Review Editor for the ACS Journal of Chemical
 Information and Computer Science (JCICS) I often get software for review
 in the journal.   I have four (4) new software products. I am looking
 for  people who are willing to review these software products.  In return
 for the review which is published in JCICS you get to keep the software
 or database.  The review should be completed in 1-3 months.  The length
 of the review is 4-10 double spaced typed pages.  Sample reviews can be
 found in most of the recent issues of JCICS.
 	Please try to give me some (short) reason to choose you over
 another person.
 	I have tried this approach for about the past six years and it is
 working reasonably well. (REMINDER: For those who haven't finished your
 reviews of software sent months and months ago, this last sentence does
 not apply to you!)  As a result, I am continuing this new method to find
 reviewers using this e-mail/user group system.  I reserve the right to
 abandon this if it is a problem, or inappropriate.  I will not notify
 people if I have found a reviewer.  If you don't hear from me within a
 few days I have chosen someone else to review the particular package.
 	As I get many, many, (too many) replies to this message, please
 do not respond after 6 May, 1998 (Wednesday), as I am sure the software
 will be gone by then.
 	I can be reached on Internet (SRHELLER -8 at 8- GIG.USDA.GOV).
 NUMBER!!!	 (I often send the software by Federal Express.)  Without
 this information I WILL NOT consider your request.
 	Steve Heller
 The packages I now have are:
 1.  NIH SBIR Phase I and II forms software from GDI - Grant Forms
 2. LogP dB 3.5 software from ACD Labs (   The ACD/LogP
 Calculator will accept most neutral structures ontaining 50 or fewer
 atoms and only the elements H, C, N, O, F,
 Cl, Br, I through the ChemSketch interface. Then it will calculate n
 accurate Log P (octanol/water partition coefficients).
 3.ChemSketch 3.5 drawing program software from ACD Labs (
 (includes Dictionary, Tautomers and 3D Viewer) including Chemsketch,
 Dictionary, Tautomers and 3D Viewer)
 4. NMR Processor  3.5 software from ACD Labs ( This
 includes Chemsketch, Dictionary, Tautomers and 3D Viewer)
 Steve Heller
 Steve Heller, NIST
 820 Diamond Avenue, Room 101
 Gaithersburg, MD 20899 USA
 Phone: 301-975-3338    FAX: 301-926-0416
 E-mail:  srheller -8 at 8-