98.07.13 Midwest Molecular Modeling Meeting

 Midwest Molecular Modeling Meeting (M4)
 July 14, 1998
 Indianapolis, Indiana
 It is my pleasure to announce a Midwest Molecular Modeling Meeting
 entitled "Applications in Computer-Aided Drug Design", a one-day
 scientific symposium hosted by Tripos, Inc. to be held on July 14, 1998
 in Indianapolis, Indiana.
 The theme for the meeting is the application of computational
 chemistry in pharmaceutical/agrochemical research. Topics will include
 QSAR, combinatorial chemistry and diversity among others.
 The meeting will take place at the Hyatt Regency, downtown Indianapolis.
 Registration will begin at 8AM along with breakfast. Talks will begin at
 9AM, ending at 3PM with a break for lunch. Registration for the meeting
 is $80 commercial, $40 academic.
 For more information or registration information, please see our web
 site at <http://www.tripos.com/>; or contact Jamie Heritage at
 Dean Goddette, Ph.D.                    email:  goddette %! at !% tripos.com
 Central US & Canada                     phone:  314-647-1099   x3386
 Tripos, Inc.                            fax:    314-647-9241
 1699 South Hanley Road                  WWW:    http://www.tripos.com
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