CCL: recommendations for an MM force field

 Deal CClers,
 I'm looking for recommendations for a molecular mechanics force field
 for use in a modelling package that measures relative energies of
 conformations of small biomolecules. Some desirable properties of such
 a force field are:
 (1) Parameterized widely (i.e. has parameters for all common organic
 types (H,C,N,O,S,P,F,Cl,Br,I) and their internal coordinates (bonds,
 torsions,vdw etc)
 (2) Has relatively few atom types.
 (3) Is publically available, or available at low cost
 (4) Has been validated on a large set of diverse compounds
 I will be happy to summarize the responses.
 Thank you for your help in this,
 Andrew Smellie
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