CCL:G94W on DEC Alpha for NT

 Dear CCL,
 We are investigating buying either a Digital Personal Workstation for Windows NT
 or a the equivalent in Unix (  The NT version is considerably
 cheaper and the suppliers claim that the two machines perform equal.
 Gaussian however, does not supply a version for Alpa NT machines, and one would
 have to use additional software (which is standard with NT 5) in order to run
 normal NT software.
 I would appreciate any comments on:
 1.  The performance of the 2 machines.
 2.   The use of Gaussian for Windows software on the DEC Alpha machine.  How
 does it compare with the Unix software.
 3.  Any other hints.
 I will summarise the info.
 Best wishes
 Gert Kruger
 Dr HG Kruger, Chemistry, University of Natal
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