g94 problem

 Is there anyone who knows the solution to the following problem ?
 I have just started to calculate with the Gaussian 94 package.
 I am trying to run a Gaussian 94 job.
 After a while, the program aborts, leaving me with the following
 sentence :
 Requested convergence on MAX density matrix=1.00D-06.
  Integral accuracy reduced to 1.0D-05 until final iterations.
  Problem detected with inexpensive integrals.
  Switching to full accuracy and repeating last cycle.
  Warning!  Spurious integrated density:
  NE=  192 Integral=  192.25168 Tolerance=1.00D-03
  Consistency failure #2 in CalDSu.
  Error termination via Lnk1e in
  Job cpu time:  0 days  0 hours 22 minutes 27.3 seconds.
  File lengths (MBytes):  RWF=  423 Int=    0 D2E=    0 Chk=    4 Scr=
 Can somebody help me with this ?
 Thanks in advance,
 Jeffrey X Z
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