New Textbook in Computational Chemistry

 	Dear All
 	I would like to announce a new textbook
 called Introduction to Computational Chemistry
 which just has been published by Wiley.
 	The book grew out of a series of lecture notes
 that I have used over the years to teach a course in
 computational chemistry. As it stands, the book provides an
 introduction to many of the commonly employed theoretical
 models used in computational chemistry.
 	Some of the topic covered are:
 	Force field methods
 	Electronic structure theory
 		Ab initio theory
                 DFT methods
 		Basis set
 		Wave function analysis
 	Relativistic methods
 	VB methods
 	Molecular properties
 	Transition state theory
 	Optimization methods
 	Time dependent methods
 	Qualitative theories
 	You may find more information on the icc-website:
 	Frank Jensen
 PS: appology for any multiple messages you may receive.