Latest edition of JCCG

 Chemical Computing Group Inc. has just released the latest edition of its web
 site, "The Journal of the Chemical Computing Group"  (
 Our new edition contains features on:
 * Overview of Molecular Operating Environment (MOE) Version 1998.10:  Features
 of the newest version of CCG software
 * Exhaustive and Iterative Clustering of the Protein Databank:  Improved
 homology identification and modeling is obtained by multiple-sequence and
 structural alignments computed from experimental structures
 * Molecular Builders:  MOE provides a series of desktop builders which can be
 used to build small molecules, proteins, carbohydrates, as well as crystal
 In addition to its usual departments, there are a number of newly added ones:
 * About CCG
 * Products
 * Support & Training
 * In the News
 * Where We Will Be
 * Past JCCG Features
 * Japan
 We've also improved the overall look of our web site, which we hope you will
 enjoy and find more useful.
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