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 >Dear CCLers,
 > A major change in the Journal of Molecular Graphics and
 >Modelling (JMGM) will be of interest to computational chemists.
 > For years JMGM has been associated with the Molecular
 >Graphics and Modelling Society and has had a somewhat
 >narrow focus.  Now, however, the journal is officially
 >co-associated with the Computers in Chemistry (COMP) division
 >of the American Chemical Society.  The 2200 members of COMP
 >have a wide range of interests in computational chemistry.
 >COMP members are eligible for a special subscription rate.
 > A new editorial direction has been set, and a new
 >international editorial board has been appointed.  JMGM offers
 >advantages of free color figures, quick publication time, and
 >both hard copy and online versions.
 > The scope of the new JMGM encompasses:
 >o molecular interactions
 >o protein and polymer engineering
 >o pharmaceutical design
 >o materials design
 >o applied theoretical chemistry
 >o structure-property relationships
 >o computer library design
 > High quality papers describing work at the cutting edge of
 >science are welcome.  Instructions to authors are given at
 >Thank you, Don
 >Donald B. Boyd, Ph.D.
 >Editor, Journal of Molecular Graphics and Modelling
 >Department of Chemistry
 >Indiana University-Purdue University at Indianapolis
 >402 North Blackford Street
 >Indianapolis, Indiana 46202-3274, U.S.A.
 >Telephone 317-274-6891, FAX 317-274-4701
 >E-mail boyd -8 at 8- chem.iupui.edu
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