Re: Alpha based computers in computational chemistry

 On Fri, 29 Jan 1999 shelley.jc -8 at 8- wrote:
 > Hello,
 >     In the context of individual research laboratories looking for
 > workstations or low to mid-range compute servers, are alpha based computers
 > used much in computational chemistry laboratories and if so how?
 In the group I work in we use Alpha workstations with WindowsNT for
 computational chemistry, mostly running our own molecular dynamics
 software. The Alpha + WindowsNT combination has proven to be a powerful
 combination of a high-performance number-cruncher and a desktop computer
 for word processing (MS Office etc) in one box.
 We find systems based on the Alpha processor not only to be the fastest
 but also to give the highest performance/price ratio. Systems based on the
 new generation of Alpha chips ("21264") are starting to become
 promising another large jump in performance.
 WindowsNT still has some drawbacks as a compute server operating system.
 * A third-party batch queue package is needed.
 * It's not a (simultaneous) multi-user system although remote login by
 telnet is possible (although sometimes problematic) by means of additional
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