Summary: vib. PED program

 Dear CCL,
 A few days ago I asked about a program that could decompose vibrational
 normal modes into a potential energy distribution based on internal
 coordinates.  Thanks to all who responded, and here is the list:
 GAMESS-US: set DECOMP=.TRUE. in the $FORCE section
 REDONG: contact Alain Allouche (Marseilles, France)
                 allouche $#at#$
         (this program will read G94 output files directly)
 SVIB: see but this link has been
 broken for a few days, so I don't really know that this program does what
 I want.  One could contact the authors Arka Mukherjee and Thomas Spiro at
 NMODES: contact Siva Umapathy at uma $#at#$ (this program will read
 files directly)
 Best wishes to all,
 Dale Braden
 Department of Chemistry
 University of Oregon
 Eugene, OR 97403-1253
 genghis $#at#$