ONIOM question

 I'm very grateful to all who response my previous ONIOM question. I
 succeeded to pass initialization, but faced another problem. Now I
 received the following error message:
  ONIOM: generating new system at layer 2
  ONIOM: saving gridpoint 6
  ONIOM: restoring gridpoint 9
     82 basis functions      246 primitive gaussians
     44 alpha electrons       44 beta electrons
        nuclear repulsion energy       604.7038023430 Hartrees.
  Simple Huckel Guess.
  NBasis=  82 NMin=  87 so simple Huckel guess is impossible.
  Error termination via Lnk1e in /usr/local/g98/l401.exe.
 Would you so kind to point me out what is the reason for this error and
 how can I fix it.
 Many thanks in advance,