Summary of large QSAR dataset question reponses

Here is a summary of responses to my question on the availability of large
 (>1000 compound) QSAR data sets:
 o  Yvonne Martin (yvonne.c.martin - at - has a ~1500 data set of MAO
 inhibitors available if a confidentiality agreement is signed
 o  Several people (Marc Nicklaus (mn1 - at -, Wolf-Dietrich
 Ihlenfeldt (Wolf-Dietrich.Ihlenfeldt - at -
 the archive of structures and cancer and HIV data available at the NIH/NCI
 site or the  Enhanced NCI Database Browser
 ( or the US mirror)
 o  Michael K. Gilson" <gilson - at -> is in the early
 stages of
 creating a web-accessible database of noncovalent binding affinities.
 o  Two commercial interests provided details of their databases: Kevin P.
 Cross" <kcross - at -> of Columbus Molecular Software
 had sets of
 NCI data for sale in conjunction with the LeadScope Software; Al Leo
 <aleo - at -> from Pomona College gave details of C-QSAR
 associated QSAR databases.
 o  Suzanne Sirois <siroiss - at -> suggested the QSAR
 site at however this has only small
 data sets.
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