It is my pleasure to to announce the release of JChemPaint V. 0.5
 JChemPaint is a Java 2 program for drawing 2D chemical structures like
 those found in most chemistry textbooks. Its GUI is based on the Swing
 tool kit. The program is developed as an Open Source Project and
 released under GNU General Public License. The code should be considered
 alpha quality, but there are enough features implemented to get an idea
 about where the program development is heading.
 JChemPaint development is coordinated by Christoph Steinbeck and his
 Chemical Information group (
 at the Max Planck Instiutute of Chemical Ecology
 Version 0.5 now features:
 1.A subset of the regular drawing features of commercial programs, as
 there are
         drawing of single, double, triple and stereo bonds.
         stereo bonds
         deletion of bonds and atoms
         ring templates (3-8)
         one-click attachment of ring templates to an atom or a bond
         flipping and rotating selected parts of the molecule
 2.Loading and saving of structures in Chemical Markup Language (CML) and
 as MDL Molfiles.
 3.Automated Structure Layout, also known as Structure Diagram
 4.Loading structures over the Internet from the "Dictionary of Organic
 Chemistry" ( using the CAS number.
 More information as well as a download option can be found on
 People a sought to join the development of JChemPaint. JChemPaint is
 associated with the OpenScience project ( and the 3D
 molecular viewer JMol (, both initiated
 by Dan Gezelter at Columbia University
 I'd be happy to get some feedback from people who have downloaded the
 program and got it up and running.
 Dr. Christoph Steinbeck (
 MPI of Chemical Ecology, Tatzendpromenade 1a, 07745 Jena, Germany
 Tel: +49(0)3641 643644 - Fax: +49(0)3641 643665
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