Advanced Hypothesis and 3D Database Techniques Workshop

Molecular Simulations Inc. will be holding a 2-day "Advanced
 Hypothesis and
 3D Database Techniques Workshop."  This workshop is designed to provide
 attendees with a better understanding of structure-activity relationships
 and how to best exploit the most useful features within Catalyst. Lectures
 presenting the methodologies and examples of their application to solve
 real-world problems will be followed by hands-on/discussion periods during
 which attendees can work though tutorials or discuss their own work with
 experts from Molecular Simulations.
 Attendees should possess knowledge of basic UNIX commands and have a basic
 understanding of QSAR theory.
 Fees for the 2-day course are $1000 commercial, $500 government, and $400
 Further detailed information about this and other MSI training workshops,
 as well as on-line course registration, can be found at MSI's website
 (  Please do not
 hesitate to
 contact me should you have any questions.
 Thank you very much.
 Jeffrey L. Nauss, PhD		Phone: (858) 799-5555
 Senior Scientist, Training		Fax: (858) 458-0136
 Molecular Simulations Inc.		E-mail: jnauss' at \`
 9685 Scranton Road
 San Diego, CA 92121