RE:Anybody agrees with me

Although Arthur comments on Macromodel were personal, I do agree with
 the needs of standards.
 1) Genomics and proteomics are fields that are developing at a very rapid
    speed. Soon we won`t not only use babel to convert file formats but
    we will also be in a Babel`s tower.
 In my opinion there is two life sciences area of applications that
 currently need standards:
 1) GUI
 2) Methods
 This sounds to me like classes in OOP.
 1) Hence we can focus on developing standard classes for GUI that will inherit
 the properties needed for a  particular application. This will leave room
 to every developer to adapt its GUI to its own program.
 2) About methods such as force fields, we can for example develop a class
 call force fields that will implements all the basic information that make
 up a FF. This will leave to the developers the opportunity to expand
 its method while inheriting basic components.
 3) And so on.
 4) Lets recall there is a language named CML that is currently
 under development for WEB application. How does it fit the needs for
 Best regards to all
 Suzanne Sirois, Ph.D.
 Computational Chemist