Gaussian98w and SMP processing

 Dear members:
 I have a Dual PentiumII PC and after installing PC-GAMESS I gave to the
 system variable named MKL_NPROC the value 2 in order to run GAMESS in
 SMP parallel mode.
 However I noticed a strange behavior of Gaussian98w after this. The
 program seems to use the two CPU, so I thought that Gaussian was
 effectively running in SMP mode.
 But when I measured the cpu and wall-clock times there was non
 improvement respect to set MKL_NPROC=3D1.
 Has anybody noticed this behavior of Gaussian in Dual Boxes?
 Armando Navarro
 Departamento de quimica Organica
 Facultade de quimica
 Universidade de Santiago de Compostela
 e-mail: qoajnv ( ( at ) )