Hi Daniel,
 > Hi,
 >     Is there a standard data set that people use for generating models to
 > predict QSTR (Quantitative Structure Toxicity Relationships)?  If so, where
 > does one get this data?
 The nearest thing you will find to a standard set (as far as I know) is any
 published set where the data is listed or the source acknowledged.  There
 are various databases more or less publicly available but no recognised
 "standard" sets.
 >     I'm also interested in information on QSPR (Property Relationships) and
 > datasets for that (Solubility, Permeability, etc.).
 Again, as far as I know, the same situation holds for QSPR sets.  There are
 some QSAR datasets posted on the QSAR and Modelling Society website:
 I hope this helps.
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