Re: CCL:authorship

At 12:16 PM 3/5/00 GMT, C. Yang wrote:
 >Yesterday, I happen to have a dinner with some biology people.
 >Someone showed the first draft of her paper and I noticed for the
 >first time that there was an astrix on two authors with a footnote
 >saying equal contributors. Then there was an argument that mentioning
 >equal contributors  is common in publishing papers. But I do not
 >remember seeing as equal contributiors in computational chemistry
 >papers. I tried to tell that it might be common in biology, but someone
 >vehemently disagreed with me and arguing that it is common in science and
 >nature as well, so it is common in all the areas. Is there someone to make
 >comment on this. Thanks.
 >PS: if two authors have equal contribution, will it be considered both
 >as primary authors and can the second author who is also an equal
 >contributor can write his name as first author of the paper in his CV.
 Sounds to me like the authors are working in fairly hostile environment
 for tenure and promotion.
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