Gaussian Workshops

  Gaussian, Inc. is pleased to announce two upcoming workshops:
    SPAIN, in conjunction with CESCA.  Date: September 12-15, 2000
    Location:  CESCA- Centre de Supercomputacia Barcelona
               Edifici Nexus
               Gran Capita, 2-4
               Barcelona, SPAIN
    JAPAN, in conjunction with COMPAQ  Date:  October 3-6, 2000
    Location: Compaq JAPAN
              Tennonz Higashi Shinagwa,
              Shinagawa-ku  Tokyo  JAPAN
  "Introduction to Gaussian: Theory and Practice." will be presented by
  representatives of Gaussian, Inc.
  The workshops will cover the full range of methods available in the
  Gaussian 98 package with emphasis on new methods and features which make
  Gaussian 98 applicable to an ever widening spectrum of research applications.
  The workshop is structured to provide an introduction to electronic
  structure theory as well as a hands-on review for researchers active in
  the field.  The workshop is open to researchers at all levels of academic,
  government and industrial research.
    Preliminary Topic List:
    Independent Particle Methods
    Model Chemistries: A Framework for Understanding Electronic
      Structure Theory Results
    Using ONIOM
    MCSCF Methods and Applications
    Geometry Optimization Techniques
    Electron Correlation Methods
    Density Functional Theory Methods
    Methods for Excited Electronic States
    Interpretation of Gaussian Results
    Prediction of Molecular Properties
    Solvent Effects via Electronic Structure Methods
    Estimating Resource Requirements
  There will be hands-on sessions each day between the morning and afternoon
  lectures.  Additional hands-on sessions will be available until the
  building closes. Workshop participants will be provided with use of a
  workstations to complete exercises, experiment and/or conduct short
  research topics.
  The GaussView user interface will be used to perform visualization of
  results and to facilitate calculation setup.  Each workshop participant
  will also be provided a copy of the lecture notes, a copy of Exploring
  Chemistry with Electronic Structure Methods, 2nd Edition, and a Gaussian 98
  User's Reference.
  For an Application please contact (Please specify which workshop):
    Workshop Coordinator
    Gaussian, Inc.
    Carnegie Office Park, Bldg. 6
    Pittsburgh, PA  15106
  Additional information can be obtained from:
    Telephone: 412 279 6700
    Fax: 412 279 2118
    email: info %! at !%
  COST:  $350.00 per person.  Attendees will be responsible for meals
         and lodging.
  Hotel Accommodations: A list of hotel accommodations in the vicinity of the
  the workshop location will be made available to all registrants.
  Hotel accommodations will be the responsibility of each participant.
  Meals: Meals will be the responsibility of each participant.
  DEADLINES: Receipt of Registration Materials along with the registration
  fee must be received by: September 1, 2000 for the SPAIN Workshop and
  September 15, 200 for the JAPAN workshop.
   This notice is sent without warranty of any kind, expressed or implied by
   Gaussian Inc., CESCA or COMPAQ.  Gaussian is a registered trademark of
   Gaussian, Inc.
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