FW: >2 GByte patch for ext2 (fwd)

 From: "Greg Lindahl" <glindahl -8 at 8- hpti.com>
 To: <beowulf -8 at 8- beowulf.org>
 >    I think that ext2 patch isn't enough for work w/large files
 > "from" G98 or GAMESS. The reason is that you need to use in the
 > program the new system calls suppoted by patch instead of usual.
 Um, I guess you're assuming that you're using x86? As mentioned before a few
 times, 64-bit Linux ports run these programs fine, once you work around the
 32-bitisms in GAMESS. Actually, the new linker supports -taso, which is
 about all you need.
 > But in the case of GAMESS you have Fortran I/O which runtime library
 > don't use new system calls.
 So if you're using an x86, it shouldn't be that hard to build a Fortran I/O
 library that always uses the other calls, but then you still have to
 convince the library that the record sizes should be 8 bytes, not 4. That's
 a #define somewhere.
 -- g
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