Re: CCL:>2 GByte patch for ext2

 The PC GAMESS v. 5.5 (and newer) is capable to support large
 files on ext2 volumes via transparent  splitting of large files.
 Best regards,
 Alex Granovsky
 >According to Eugene Leitl
 >> From owner-beowulf "-at-" Fri Mar 10 04:49:08 2000
 >> From: Eugene Leitl <eugene.leitl "-at-">
 >> Date: Thu, 9 Mar 2000 14:14:23 -0800 (PST)
 >> To: <beowulf "-at-">
 >> Subject: >2 GByte patch for ext2
 >> Sender: owner-beowulf "-at-"
 >> Sorry for such a banal question, but I've tried to find the ext2 patch
 >> which allows >2 GByte files, so far in vain. (It is a big problem in
 >> computational chemistry with QM packages like Gaussian and GAMESS). I
 >> thought there was a search engine for the Beowulf list, but I wasn't
 >> able to find it, either (it isn't linked from the Beowulf site?).
 >   I think that ext2 patch isn't enough for work w/large files
 >"from" G98 or GAMESS. The reason is that you need to use in the
 >program the new system calls suppoted by patch instead of usual.
 >But in the case of GAMESS you have Fortran I/O which runtime library don't
 >new system calls. In the case of G98 you will need
 >to change NTRAN routines source to use new system calls.
 >   I may be wrong because I'm not using this patch really
 >(the reason is practically - that I said above), but I'll
 >be happy if I'm incorrect :-) !
 >PS. May be you may try to split files in G98 (%RWF etc) between
 >different filesystems ?
 >Mikhail Kuzminsky
 >Zelinsky Institute of Organic Chemistrty