Re:converting of chemical structures

Ansgar Schuffenhauer wrote:
 I am looking for tools to convert chemical structure files (preferably MDL
 molfiles or Chemical markup Language) into graphic files. As an output
 There was a product called Consystant that ran on the Windows platform put
 out by a company called ExoGraphics.  I believe it could take MDL mol files
 and turn them into .wmf files.  It could also do batch conversions.  A quick
 Web search turned up several things.  First it appears that Consystant was
 included with ISIS 2.0 from MDL.  Also the scientific software developer
 list at:
 has this entry for ExoGraphics.
 ExoGraphics (973) 728-0188 exographics \\at//
 and the site:
 has this listing:
                    ConSystant is a utility that allows the user to
 interconvert chemical structure
                    files. ConSystant allows users of software packages that
 manipulate chemical
                    structures (such as molecular modeling software, chemical
 databases, and 2-D
                    structure drawing) to exchange data. The current version
 3.0 supports many
                    different chemical data interchange file formats as well
 as several simple
                    graphical outputs.
                    Carol Gallmann
                    144 Pinecliff Lake Drive
                    West Milford, NJ 07480
                    201-728-0735 (fax)
                    exographics \\at//
 Hope that this program is still available and is of some help with your
 Steve Andruski
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