Re: CCL:License Transfer

On Thu, 16 Mar 2000, Bruce A. Luxon wrote:
 > I've just recently received a new SGI and want to transfer our FELIX
 > license from the old slow machine to the new fast machine. MSI just
 > quoted me $500 just to transfer the license - a seemingly trivial
 > task. This seems outrageous to me.  Is this typical? As an academic
 > user I am having increasing difficulty supporting the use of
 > commercial software at these prices. Any comments or advice?
 It certainly seems to be typical of MSI, anyway; they seem to epitomize
 collecting money for doing next to nothing.  Other companies are much
 more reasonable about license transfers (no charge), or offer floating
 licenses so that you can install on multiple machines (but only run on
 one).  You'd think a software company would have a better understanding
 of redundancy, but such concepts rarely make it from the back rooms to
 the Marketing Dept.
 At NIH and elsewhere, a package called NMRpipe is being used for many
 NMR data processing tasks, especially multidimensional techniques.  It's
 freely available for Unix (or Linux).  It uses the Unix pipe concept to
 pass data from one program module to another, the data formats are
 documented, and user interaction is often through dialog boxes produced
 via Tcl/Tk.  It makes the overall system highly flexible, not overly to
 learn, and user extendable.
 Contact the author, Frank Delaglio, at delaglio -x- at -x- for
 details, and information on how to obtain the program.
 A company has acquired the MS Windows rights to the code, so the version
 for e.g. NT cost some money.
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