ESPA Conference Announcement

 Dear Colleague,
 You are cordially invited to participate in the "Electronic Structure:
 Prediction and Applications" conference that will be held at San
 Sebastian (Donostia, in Basque language) from October 4 - 6, 2000.
 The Conference intends to bring together a broad audience of active
 researches ranging from condensed matter physicists to laboratory
 oriented organic chemists, going through the plethora of physical
 chemists, chemical physicists, computational/theoretical chemists and
 physicists, etc. You can realize that it is intended to be very
 ambitious. We will do our best to fulfill these expectations. The list
 of the topics covered is.
   1. Femtosecond dynamics
   2. Dielectric Response
   3. DFT, including TDDFT
   4. Change and Reactivity
   5. Molecular Dynamics, Quantum Molecular Dynamics and Quantum Monte
   6. QM/MM, Biochemical applications
   7. Clusters
   8. Transition Metal Chemistry, including Metallofullerenes
   9. Solvent effects and water
 The list of invited speakers that have already confirmed their
 participation includes.
   1. R. Saykally, Berkeley, USA
   2. P.B. Armentrout, Salt Lake City, USA
   3. R. Needs, Cambridge, UK
   4. J. Inglesfield, Cardiff, UK
   5. A. Eguliz, Oak Ridge National Lab., USA
   6. L.A. Eriksson, Upssala, Sweden
   7. R.J. Boyd, Dalhosie, Halifax, Canada
   8. F. Martin, Madrid, Spain
   9. U. Roethlisberger, ETH, Zurich, Switzerland
  10. T. Clark, Erlagen, Germany
  11. K. Hermansson, Upssala, Sweden
  12. X. Lopez, Oxford, UK
  13. M. Robb, London, UK
  14. P. Siegbahn, Stockholm, Sweden
  15. M. Yañez, Madrid, Spain
  16. S. Shaik, Jerusalem, Israel
  17. J.A. Alonso, Valladolid, Spain
  18. M. Sodupe, Barcelona, Spain
  19. R.W. Godby, Cambridge, UK
  20. J. Sabin, Gainsville, Florida, USA
  21. R. Amos, Cambridge, UK
  22. S. Alvarez, Barcelona, Spain
 The Conference will be held at "Miramar Jauregia", a Palace by the
 All sessions will be held at the same room. Due to the space limitations
 the organizing committee has set a maximum number of participants of 120
 persons. Hence we urge you to complete an early preregistration at the
 following web site: .
 The inscription will be carried out electronically by using the web page
 that we have prepared to that end, and that can be found at the web site
 of the conference. We would appreciate receiving your preregistration as
 soon as possible, at the latest on May 15, 2000.
 Accommodation is not expected to suppose any trouble for the
 participants, who are refereed to the web site of the Conference for
 more information about this point. As a matter of fact, we like to point
 it out that a very decent room in a Hotel within a walking distance from
 the Conference Palace, will cost approx. 8000 Ptas (50 Euro), including
 breakfast. Please be advised that accommodation will be your sole
 responsibility. Needless to say, that we will be happy to assist you
 just in case that you want us to do so. Please get in touch with us at
 the following e-mail address: espa $#at#$
 San Sebastian is located in Northern Spain very close to the France
 South border and it is surrounded by three airports. The closest is the
 airport of San Sebastian, which is 10 Km East. The Biarritz airport  in
 France, is also close to San Sebastian at approximately 40 Km North.
 However, the major airport is at Bilbao, approximately at 100 Km West
 for San Sebastian. Transportation from Bilbao airport to San Sebastian
 is fluent by bus. They run from Bilbao downtown every 30 minutes. San
 Sebastian can also be conveniently reached by car, and traffic in the
 city is easy.
 By early October, mild weather conditions should be expected. For more
 information on this topic, please visit the following web site.
 The International Journal of Quantum Chemistry has agreed to publish the
 Proceedings of the Conference in a Special Issue. Manuscript submission
 and handling procedures will be announced in the second circular.  We
 will feel honored if you could consider to publish your contribution to
 the Conference in that issue.
 The organizing committee has set a tentative Inscription Fee of 30000
 Ptas (180. Euro). For graduate students the Inscription Fee will 15000
 Ptas (90. Euro). Further details will be given in the second circular.
 Finally, may I ask you to distribute this message to all of your
 colleagues that might be interested in the Conference. The organizing
 committee is pleased to thank you in advance for you help in the
 dissemination of this announcement.
 Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need further information. We
 look forward to your reply.
 Ana Arrieta
 Andres Arnau
 Jesus Ugalde
 (Local Organizing Committee)