Mulliken pop. analysis of MOs

Dear computational chemists,
 I am interested in analyzing the composition of optimized
 molecular orbitals from a Gaussian98 output. The MO coefficients
 can be found easily, but I would like to perform a Mulliken
 population analysis ot the optimized MOs.
 However, the IOPs in link 601 do offer only Mulliken analysis of the
 _total_ electron density. It seems to me that the only possibility
 to get MOs analyzed is to code the Mulliken analysis myself,
 using optimized MO coefficients and the overlap matrix.
 But maybe there is still an IOP option in the Gaussian which does
 this automatically?
                              Thank you in advance for your help,
                                        Marketa Munzarova
 Marketa Ludmila Munzarova
 Faculty of Science, Masaryk University Brno
 e-mail: ludmila.,at,