New Book

Hello all
 As the editor, I am pleased to announce the publication of "Evolutionary
 Algorithms in Molecular Design" by Wiley-VCH. The book comprises 12
 >from experts in the application of EAs to molecular design problems
 1 Introduction to Evolutionary Algorithms - Dr. Abby L. Parrill
 2 Small-molecule Geometry Optimization and Conformational Search - Dr. Ron
 3 Protein-Ligand Docking - Dr. Garrett M. Morris, Prof. Arthur J. Olson and
 Dr. David S. Goodsell
 4 De Novo Molecular Design - Dr. Valerie J. Gillet
 5 Quantitative Structure-Activity Relationships - Dr. Sung-Sau So
 6 Chemometrics - Dr. Ron Wehrens and Prof. Lutgarde M. C. Buydens
 7 Chemical Structure Handling - Prof. Peter Willett
 8 Molecular Diversity Analysis and Combinatorial Library Design - Dr. Lutz
 9 Evolutionary Algorithms in Crystallographic Applications - Prof. Kenneth
 D.M. Harris
 10 Structure Determination by NMR Spectroscopy - Dr. Bryan C. Sanctuary
 11 Protein Folding - Dr. Jan T. Pedersen
 12 New Techniques and Future Directions - Dr. Andrew Tuson and Dr. David E.
 For more information, please visit the Wiley-VCH web site:
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