Pre-compiled excutable

 Dear List
I have couple questions about installing AutoDock 3.0.5. I read the install instruction, but I dont quite understand how can I use a pre-compiled executable. In the instruction said
 To use a pre-compiled exectutable:
Copy the executable for your hardware type and operating system to the desired place, usually where-ever you keep your other programs.
If you have problems running a pre-compiled binary, you may need to compile your own executable, for your specific machine architecture and operating system version.
I dont quite understand what the instruction means by "copy the excutable for your hardware type and OS to the desired place".
Anyhow, since I did not understand the first option so I tried the second option, which is to compile my own excutables:
 To compile your own executables:
(1) Change directory to dist_3.0/src, and all sub-directories, like autotors, autogrid, and autodock.
 (2) Read any README files.
(3) Edit the Makefile in each to be appropriate for your architecture. This may mean commenting and uncommenting various options.
 (4) Type "make" at the Unix prompt, in each sub-directory.
I tried but I could only compile one sub-directories which is protonate. I believed my problem was that my workstation didnt have gcc so I downloaded
from the internet. However, it didnt come with the installation instruction,
 so I got the error massage "gcc doesnt install".
I would like to know if any of you know how to install gcc. By the way, my workstation is HP9000.
 Narisara Tanvirat
 Gradutate Student
 Chemistry Department
 California State University, Sacramento
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